Who we are

We are Mark and Deb, we are happy to be bringing our exciting new concept, a traditional style independent sweet shop, called ‘Sugar’ to the Newport Market.  Mark has been in the catering industry since leaving school and has a lot of experiences to benefit this new business.  Deb has worked within the NHS and Healthcare for many years and is, passionate about this new and exciting venture, something she has always dreamt of doing.  We very much look forward to having your custom.


We realised that todays younger generation have missed out on the joy of visiting a traditional sweet shop, as we did in our own childhood.  We wanted to bring that back for them to experience the same joy.  We also hoped to give an element of nostalgia, past memories for the not so young; those who remember this bygone era.

What we do

Our vision is to retail a wide and varied selection of traditional confectionery’s.  In a setting reminiscent of the mid 20th century

We will be offering a wide range of sweets and classic soft drinks for the enjoyment of our customers, as well as excellent customer service.

Our ethos is to be as carbon neutral as possible, using local and nearby wholesalers for our products and services.

  • Over 70 different sweets to choose from
  • Traditional style soft drinks
  • Taster sweets served daily
  • Sweet Gift Hampers available on request
  • Rewards card Available

Location: / 16

Opening Times

  • Mon – Tue
    9.00 – 17.00
  • Wed – Sat
    9.00 – 20.00
  • Sun
    10.00 – 17.00